Bitten The Apple

I’ve done it. I swore I would never do it and I’ve spent years resisting the urge to do it. Until now that is.

I have bought an iPod. An iPod Touch, to be precise (otherwise known as the iPhone without the phone).  And yes, I love it. In fact, it’s made me wonder why I didn’t get one  the moment I realised I had the money to buy one.

To be honest, I’ve not always had a high opinion of Apple’s products. The first time I came across a Macintosh was when I did work experience for a local paper when I was 15. Back then (which I should say was not that long ago), they were ugly grey things with a really basic interface and seemed difficult to use compared to the Windows 95 – powered PCs I was using at school. I then fell in love with the iMac at university – me and my friends would spend time in the computer rooms watching film trailers on them (the experience was always better on them. Alas, I was never to get the purple and white one I wanted, as I simply couldn’t afford it. Plus my sister wanted one too.

When the iPod came along, I was initially fascinated by it.  However my interest was quickly lost when I found out the price of them, not to mention the fact that songs downloaded from iTunes could only be played on them. I stuck with my Sony Discman before turning to cheap MP3 players. It was when my current Samsung one started to go on the blink that I began to consider getting an iPod.

What’s surprising is that out of all the iPods, I chose the touch. When it first came out, I thought that while it looked nice the touch screen was too gimmicky for my liking. I even wrote on  Web User Magazine‘s Facebook page that I would “stick with my bog-standard MP3 player thanks” – a remark that was later printed in the magazine itself.  But sooner or later, I had to give in.

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