A nineties indie playlist thingy

I’ve been listening to a fair bit of music from the 90s over the last few days. I suppose it was inspired by my last blog entry. As a result, I compiled this little playlist on Spotify. You are more than welcome to have a listen – see how many of these you can remember (and yes, I have included another Geneva track in there).  And if you don’t have spotify, I’m sure a few of them are on youtube.

Anyway, here’s what’s on it:

Longpigs – She Said

Echobelly – King Of The Kerb

Kula Shaker – Tattva

Sleeper – Inbetweener

Menswear – Sleeping In

The Bluetones – Cut Some Rug

Embrace – All You Good Good People

Dodgy – In A Room

Shed Seven – Going For Gold

Space – Female of The Species

Catatonia – Mulder And Scully

Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train

Geneva – Best Regrets

Suede – The Drowners

Lightning Seeds – Change

The Boo Radleys – What’s In The Box? (See Watcha Got)

This will probably be the first part of a much longer playlist. Still you can follow this link to listen to it:

My 90s indie playlist

EDIT: I have added a few more songs to the playlist:

Gene – Olympian

Kenickie – In Your Car

Marion – Sleep

Mansun – Wide Open Space

The Supernaturals – Prepare To Land

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