Anybody got a pair of skis?

(I tweeted this question earlier, then decided that it would make a good blog title. )

I’ve got pretty used to the snow coming down around here in Manchester over the last few weeks, but nothing could quite prepare me for what was outside my house this morning.  The snow had been falling on and off since about 5:30 last night, the snowflakes appearing to get heavier  and heavier each time. By the time I got up at 7:30am, the snow was six inches deep.  I can’t remember this happening at all in my lifetime. My parents say that the last time they remember any snow like this was in the 1960s. No doubt it has had a few people going on about “global warming” again -  despite the fact that there’s nothing warm about this little scenario.

Oh what fun it was to walk to work this morning. The moment I walked out the door my feet sank into the snow. As I got halfway up the road, I caught my foot on a mound of it and fell. It didn’t hurt one bit, but I did get a load of snow in my bag and in my work shoes, which were in a carrier bag (I’d chosen to wear trainers to walk to work). I trod very carefully for the rest of my journey, following other people’s footprints and avoiding the more slippery areas of pavement.

Word is that this is going to carry on for a few more weeks at least. If that’s the case, I am probably going to need some snow shoes. Maybe I could dig out a couple of old tennis racquets and strap them to my feet. 

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