Formspring has sprung.

Everyone on twitter appears to be getting a Formspring Me account at the moment, . For those of you who don’t know, Formspring Me allows you to “send and receive anonymous questions, and learn more about people you find interesting by following their answers” according to the blurb on the homepage.

I decided to sign up for one myself, but I’ve not really used it much yet, mainly because I haven’t had many questions to answer. I haven’t asked anyone any yet either. I’ve also found myself increasingly irritated by the amount of questions  answered by people I follow filling up my twitter timeline (a minor irritation, I admit). I thought that any answers I give would show up on there, but thankfully there is an option to stop them appearing on it.

If  you want to ask me a question, ask me one at and I’ll do my best to answer it. I’ll stick it in the links section as well, if anyone’s interested.  I might even use the Q&A’s in future blog posts.

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