Those Who Can, Vote.

Now is the time to say that I am officially bored of the election. I can’t wait until May 6th when it is all over. It seems like it has been going on for ages. I am sick of the party political broadcasts, the election debates, the shameless publicity stunts, the endless newspaper, radio and TV coverage and the daily deluge of leaflets that come through my letterbox, telling me why I should vote for them. And don’t get me started on the billboard posters that seem to dominate my area (in particular those of a certain political party).

Despite all this I am still going to cast my vote in both the general and local election. Why? Because I feel that if I don’t do it then I would not have the right to complain if whoever gets in makes decisions that I disagree with. I believe that if you are given the chance to have your say on something like who gets to run your country, you should take it. Even if there was a “none of the above” option on the ballot paper it would be better to put an “X” next to that than to put nothing at all on it.  Apathy isn’t really an option, especially when the likes of the BNP  can be in with a chance of winning seats  as a result of low voter turnouts. Reducing the chances of someone you don’t want representing you gaining such power is one good reason among many to use your vote.  And there are plenty of good reasons to vote, even if most of the election coverage so far suggests to you that you wouldn’t really want to give Brown, Clegg or Cameron the keys to Number 10.

I may not care much for all the hype, but I care a lot about my community and my country, however corny that might sound.  That is why I’m filling in my postal vote as soon as I’ve finished writing this blog post.  I am also usually fairly shit at talking  politics, which is why this is probably the only politically themed blog entry that I will ever post.  Thanks for reading anyway.

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