Crap blog post.

Don’t you just hate blog posts where the writer wallows in their self-pity and moans on about how crap their life is?

So do I.

Having said that, I do often feel good after writing such posts. Indeed, I have just posted one on my other blog. However old you are, there’s something quite therapeutic about reverting to the kind of teenager who says “nobody likes me. No-one understands me. I’m going to lock myself in my room with a bottle of White Lightning, write some poetry and listen to My Chemical Romance.” *  Besides, if you can’t have a good long moan full of self loathing on your own blog, where can you do it, besides in a diary? And who is anyone to slag you off for writing such stuff?

The great thing about having a blog is that you can use it to say the things that you often can’t say out loud.

*No offence intended to any teenagers reading this who drink White Lightning, write poetry and/or listen to My Chemical Romance.

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