A blog about blogging.

Bloggers, I have a question (a small one, not too taxing for the brain):

Do you plan your blog posts, or do you just write whatever comes into your head?

While I often like to write whatever comes into my head,  I do find it easier to write down what I’m going to say before I transfer it to the computer a lot of the time.  Some of my recent posts have even been typed out on my iPod Touch and emailed to my own address, before being copied, pasted onto the wordpress page and edited accordingly before being published. It saves me from spending ages staring at the screen, wondering what I’m going to say, before deciding to say “sod it” and saving it as a draft file that will likely never be touched again before going off and doing something else.

This all works for me, but I’m interested in knowing what works for others, partly because I’d like to gain some more blogging tips and partly because I’m downright nosey.

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