Vlog or blog?

In my last blog post ( which you can see here), I mentioned that I had been reading a book about videoblogging.  I’ve been thinking about doing a vlog in addition to the blog for a while, in particular for all the times when I have something to say but can’t really be arsed sitting in front of a computer typing it out (we all have those moments, don’t we?)

I have dabbled in vlogging in the past, however I’ve never made any of my attempts public – with the exception of a couple of clips on12seconds.tv, which were really just me messing around trying out the service, filming any old thing.  Thing is, while I am confident using a video camera I can’t say I am the most confident person in front of one.  I am a shy person, although a lot less than I used to be and I have always been extremely nervous  whenever I have had to  give any presentation of any kind in front of people.  I feel the same whenever I have attempted talking into a camera – even though I know I am going to delete it afterwards.

Anyway, if I was to make a vlog, would you watch it? Would you be prepared to see my face and hear my voice rambling on about any subject I think of? Just as importantly, am I prepared to do it?


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