Not Remoatly Intelligent.

If you want to know how many idiots there are in Britain, log onto Facebook and search for the group “RIP Raoul Moat you legend”. There you will find many people sharing their sympathy and hailing him has some sort of hero.  Not only that, but you will also see messages filled with racism,  misogyny,  hatred for the police (for some, the only reason why they joined it) and abusive exchanges between members of the group – the vast majority typed by people who seem to have all the literacy skills of a dyslexic dog. More than 30,000 people have “liked” the page – including a huge proportion of  “anti –  Moat”  members who joined to voice their disgust at such a group existing.

I too was disgusted when I first heard about it. Like many people, I couldn’t believe that anyone could view him as a legend, or think that what he did was justified.  I wanted to see the group shut down, but now I think that it should stay up.  Not because  the group’s members deserve to continue exercising their right to freedom of speech, but because I think it is a great example of why chavs should never be allowed to have access to the internet.

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