The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

SVA Students showing human stupidity

This teacher was so terrible, I can’t even remember her name! She was an art teacher, a woman who seemed well past retirement age. I remember she was an absolute snob – she would often talk down to or ridicule me and my classmates and she loved the sound of her own voice. She lived in a posh area; the only time she ever associated herself with riff raff like us was when she was teaching. She had a posh accent, although I always wondered if it was slightly put on, or if she had had a load of elocution lessons.

She thought she was a brilliant artist. In fact, she was crap. A two year old could draw and paint better than she could. More to that, she made her pupils crap at art and killed off any interest that they may have had in it. We all figured out early on how horrible a person she was, but it was only when we stopped having her as a teacher that we realised just how bad she was at teaching us.

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