I am off on holiday tomorrow. I am going to Scotland for a week, to a little place outside Dumfries (and before you ask, yes I did all my packing before I wrote this).  Access to the internet via a computer will be  non-existent, so I won’t be blogging for the next seven days or so. However, you might find the occasional tweet from me that I’ve done from my mobile, maybe a photo on twitpic or my Tumblr. If you’re extremely lucky, you may find that I’ve taken advantage of the free Wi-fi on the site that we’re staying on – however if that happens, you’ll probably find a blog full of spelling mistakes (I’ll be doing it on my iPod Touch, you see).

In the meantime, I recommend that you have a look at these blogs by some of my Twitter buddies (who if you’re on Twitter,  you should follow, they’re all awesome)

The Rise and Rise of Tim Lovejoy

The blog of  @ewarwoowar86.  His recent post on the death penalty is worth a read alone, but there’s plenty of good stuff on there.

Srs Bizniz

The blog of @spotify_tapes.  Read it, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s Like A Heartbeat…only it isn’t

The blog of @horrorshock666, it  showcases his art, photography, film and music.  He is a very talented young man and lovely too.

Rule of Three

@michelleeb is one of the team behind this blog. A very good blog, especially recommended if you’re interested in writing.

Anyway, that’s it from me. I will no doubt have lots to share with you when I get back!

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