Guess who’s back. Back again…

I am back from my Scottish holiday.  It was really good. So good in fact, that I wish that I had booked two weeks away instead of just the one.  I was ready to go away, but I don’t think you really realise just how much you need to get away from it all until you are actually on holiday. It was so nice to be on the coast, walking along the beach, taking in the sea air and getting soaked by the Scottish rain (yes it rained a bit, but Scottish rain is nice and clean especially in the area we were in). I also spent more money than I thought I would – some on food, some on souvenirs and some in the on site amusement arcade, where I learned just how addictive those toy grabbing machines are. Between myself and my sister we must have spent nearly £10 over the week trying to win a toy meerkat for the nephew (I did win a cuddly Mario though, so it wasn’t entirely wasted). My nephew also won a load of 2p’s in those little slot games, which meant that we got about twenty pence worth nearly every time we stuck one in there.  We did fit in some sightseeing too, of course.

As I had such a nice break you can imagine just how pleased I am to be back in my hometown and having to return to work tomorrow (not very). But I suppose by going back to the hellhole I can earn the funds to plan another getaway. It will likely be a British holiday again, but it will still be good to have another change of scenery.  God knows I need a bit more variety – and to get some driving lessons.

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