Bloggers’ Block Strikes Again..

On Monday, I had an idea for a blog. It was whirring round in my head all day at work and I knew exactly what I was going to say in it.  Fast forward to the evening, I went on the computer with the intention of writing it and – nothing. Everything I thought of went away the moment I logged into wordpress.

So I tried yesterday. Again, I had thought about what I was going to say. But then, other topics that were worthy of a mention in a blog came up. As a result I ended up putting it off again, as I couldn’t decide which topic to go with. I thought I would try it tonight. I was sure that I would have decided on my subject tonight…

Guess what? I still haven’t decided.  Doesn’t it suck when so many blogworthy things come along at once?

In case you were interested, here’s what I could have blogged about here:

1. The woman who stuck the cat in a wheelie bin (I’d have written a bit more than “she is the biggest, most evil bitch in the world”).

2. The X- Factor Autotune scandal – and the axing of the woman who did that unique (to put it mildly) version of Mercy for having mental health problems (did they honestly not have an inkling, or did they know but thought she’d make good television so let her on anyway? I’d wish it was the former, but more likely it was the latter, sadly).

3. My experience of having to complete an Employee Satisfaction Survey (not really an interesting topic, but, it’s  something about my life to rant about).

4.  Getting an email from one of the owners of a website that I had dared to post a critical comment on – it’s a long story but so you know (a) it wasn’t a particularly nasty comment I posted (b) the email to me wasn’t abusive (c) I hate giving my email address in order to have comments verified and (d) the particular article on the site I commented on did deserve criticism.

There you have it.  They probably wouldn’t have made the greatest blog posts in the history of the blogosphere, but I am sort of glad to have them written down now. Maybe seeing them on here will be the spur I need to have a go at trying to write a full post on one of them.

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