My favourite quote.

“I did my best to fit in, but I outstayed my welcome.”

This is a line from a song called “Live By The Ocean”, by The Hoosiers, which is on their latest album. The reason why I like it, is that it is a line that sums up my life – or part of it at least. Like many, I have tried to get in with a certain group of people in the past – especially in my teenage years. However, I soon realised that being one of the “cool” people wasn’t really me and not only did I feel uncomfortable among such people I also quite detested a lot of them. I’ve no doubt some of them didn’t think much of me either, but such is life. I realised that you’re much happier in life when you’re being true to yourself and not being someone you’re not just to fit into a particular clique or with people’s ideas of what you should be.

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