Mind your language.

This blog is a sort of response to a blog by one of my twitter buddies. It will make reference to certain swear words, however it is mostly SFW, as they say. There are less sweary entries on my blog that you can read, if  even the slightest hint to bad language easily offends you.

A few days ago, my twitter buddy Ewar posted a blog on the subject of the dreaded c-word (the one that rhymes with “hunt”), with the intention of starting  a serious and mature debate on its usage (you can read his blog here).  His blog prompted a number of comments from readers, including myself, saying what they think of the word and whether they find it offensive. The responses to it were quite interesting.

My own opinion of that word is that I find it horrible – so much so that I refuse to use it in any form of communication written or spoken. It is an ugly word written down and sounds uglier when said – whenever I have heard it said in a conversation, which is rare (it especially sounds awful in a Northern accent. I am Northern, so I am allowed to say this). I knew a rude word beginning with “c” existed – regular readings of music magazines like the NME as a teenager made me aware of it – however it wasn’t until a few years ago that I knew what the other three letters that made up the word were.

While I think that C*** is one of the most awful words in the English language, I have to say that I am not offended by it. Swear words in general don’t shock me at all – very few things do these days. However, I still get narked at some of the ways in which these words get used.  Swearing for the sake of it, for example, is one particular bugbear of mine. You might think repeatedly  and deliberately slipping “f***” into conversation will make people think you’re cool and clever, but to me and the rest of the world you will just seem like a foul mouthed moron if you have nothing else of note to say – which is often the case. The same goes for those comedians who think inserting an expletive  into a rubbish joke will instantly turn it into a hilarious one.  Of course, swearing is ok if used in the right context,  but if you can’t say anything without relying on it, maybe you need to improve your vocabulary.

What annoys me the most, however, is when I hear children using bad language. Hearing kids utter expletives can at times be amusing, as young children are often only innocently repeating what they’ve heard adults around them  saying (it’s a lesson for the parents to mind their language, if anything). However when you hear a kid no older than seven tell another to “f*** off”, with a real sense that they know what they are saying, you not only want to shove a bar of soap down the little sewer mouth’s throat but also give the parents hell over it.

I am aware that some of my views might make me out to be a bit of a hypocrite –  but then, I think the vast majority of us are hypocrites in relation to swearing. Let’s face it, even the most anti-swearing among us say “s***” now and again.  Besides anyone who says that they have never sworn in their life  is probably lying.

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