This blog post comes to you courtesy of my new T-Mobile dongle (is it just me or does anyone else find that they can’t say or spell “dongle” without giggling like a schoolkid?).  The AC adaptor for my O2 broadband modem is buggered, and after several weeks of trying to fix it so that my modem stayed switched on for more than five minutes I finally gave up.However, I soon realised that I would most likely be driven insane by lack of internet (I’m not that addicted, honest) – so I decided that mobile broadband would be a handy back up while I try and sort my main one out.

The O2 modem itself, is ok – it’s the adaptor that’s the problem (a loose wire I think).  I’ve tried to find one that would be compatible with it, but so far it’s been difficult  and I don’t want to have to fork out for a brand new broadband modem when the one that O2 supplied me can still work.  I’m wondering if it’s worth contacting O2 to see if they can help, maybe even supply me with a new modem at a push. I think they’d do that if I hadn’t had it long, but as I’ve had it for two years, they might not do it.  Hopefully, I can get something sorted out quickly. The dongle is working fine as I type this, even if the connection did seem to skip a bit earlier.

Bit of a boring post I know. I’ll be more interesting next time – promise.


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