Another reblog from my Tumblr (cos I’m a bit proud of this)…

I did vow not to post any X Factor related blogs on here*, but I felt I had to post this after originally putting it on my Tumblr blog – an exchange between me and the show’s first ever winner:

@Sidekick28 (aka me) to @stevebrookstein (1st ever X Factor winner, in case you were wondering) : “Would you have liked to have been up against someone like Wagner when you were on the X Factor?”

@stevebrookstein to @Sidekick28: “Seriously I would have loved to be up against Wagner, he is great TV.”

I resisted the urge to ask him how he would feel if Wagner beat him.

It would have been fun to do it though, knowing how he often responds to people who tell him things he doesn’t like! In fact I am surprised he didn’t find out that I called him a knob on my profile prior to me tweeting him. Respect to him for replying to me anyway.











*Matt Cardle FTW.

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