Post a week?

I have done three blogs on here this week. Well, four if you count this one.

It’s weird, but I’ve probably been a bit more productive on all my blogs this week than I have been since I first took on the Post A Week Challenge. Even my Posterous blog, which I nearly forgot about, has been shown some love.
It might be that I have had a lot of things to write about. It might be that I’ve been more motivated to blog stuff. It might also be that I have been bored more often this week. It could even be a combination of all these things.

One thing’s for sure, I seem to be finding it easier to blog recently. I think having a BlackBerry also makes it easier to post my thoughts on this blog. Who’d have thought you would be able to blog from a mobile phone as well as a computer? (yeah it’s a smartphone, but it’s still a mobile phone). What’s more, I can do it from pretty much anywhere as I can with twitter. Useful for when I go on holiday (whenever that might be).

Does this mean that I will soon be changing this blog to being part of the Post A Day challenge? Not really. I still can’t see myself being arsed to update every day.

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