It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

Every now and again I like to use my blog to promote other people’s stuff.  I do this as I like to help other people out, draw attention to things that I like that those who make up my über tiny readership may also like (or not, as the case may be) and because I am nice like that.  It also usually occurs when I haven’t really got anything else to write about.

On this occasion, I would like to use this blog to promote a rather good song by The Hoosiers, a band that if you read this regularly and/or stalk my twitter feed, you’ll know I have  a bit of a fondness for.  It’s called Bumpy Ride, and is available for download as of today. For 59p, you can buy the track on its own,  or you can get the EP for £1.79 on iTunes, which includes alternative versions of Bumpy Ride and album track Made to Measure as well as two remixes of Unlikely Hero (the song that was originally going to be released after their comeback single Choices).

It is the first single that the band are releasing as independent artists, on their own imprint, after having been  dropped from their label RCA, after the release of their second  album The Illusion Of Safety. At this point, I could go on about how unfair it was that this happened to them and moan about how many major labels are more interested in making money than supporting and developing the artists they have, but I’d rather refer to this interesting article from the Guardian that you can read  here.

Because I am nice, I have posted the video for the single here:


I will even give you the link to get the song (if you like it of course) here

In other news, I have rediscovered Rainbow Drops.  Sure they are essentially puffed up pieces of rice dyed with food colouring, but they are still as yummy as ever.




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