Hello again.

I missed a blog post last week, because I wasn’t feeling too much like doing it.  I didn’t even post a tweet all last Sunday. I know, so unlike me.

I was intending to make up for it this week, perhaps by writing two posts this week or just posting one massively long one. However, when it came to it I once again found myself stuck for words.  See, this post a week challenge isn’t half as easy as you might think it is.  God knows I would have given up by now if I decided to take up the post a day one.  I am determined not to miss a week again though, thus I am considering keeping a list of subjects to write about somewhere for situations like these.  Or just nick an idea off  Plinky.

In other news, I think I have become addicted to Angry Birds. So much so that I bought a couple of the toys.  I gave one to my nephew.

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