The predictable blog post on the Royal Wedding.

I’m not much of a Royalist (I don’t really lean on the side of Republican either). And yes, I was getting tired of all the hype surrounding it. However, I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding on TV yesterday. It was nice to see something other than doom and gloom on our screens for a change. I could have done without my dad flicking channels at regular intervals to see how the other broadcasters were showing it, but it did lead me to decide that out of them all, ITV had the best coverage, while Fox News was clearly the worst (the American host who patronisingly referred to our country as “Merry Old England” deserved to be locked up in the Tower Of London).

There were so many great moments in the event, but as usual the best moments were those that were not necessarily part of the ceremony. Take the verger who was caught on camera doing cartwheels (who has no doubt become a YouTube sensation), or the policeman who acted as warm up man in the run up to William and Kate’s big balcony moment. The moment the legend that is ITV news man Mark Austin got lost in the throng heading down the Mall and was accosted by some scouts  will surely be repeated on “It’ll Be Alright On The Night” – type shows across the world for years to come. But my personal favourite moment was this:

(Ignore the fact that you can see my hand in a packet of Seabrook Crisps in this picture).

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