If you happen to follow my blog a lot, you might well have noticed that I am always looking for other ways to keep myself occupied in terms of trying to be creative. I tried the post a week challenge on here, which I managed to keep up until around August, when I realised it was impossible for me to have anything of note to say for every week of the year or be able to keep up without having life get in the way somehow. I tried audio blogging (via audioboo), but didn’t get far with that. As for vlogging, that’s sort of been put on hold for a while (i.e. I need new batteries for my Flip but can’t be arsed to put any in them).

Now I have decided to sign up for National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as you’ll have seen it written as) which starts on the 1st November. I signed up a couple of weeks ago when I was in one of those moments when you are just browsing the internet, see something mentioned and you think “yeah that seems interesting, might give it a go for a laugh, like”. Of course, twenty four hours later you’re thinking, “What the hell have I let myself in for?” and I am still thinking this. I mean, you’re trying to write a novel in thirty days. You’re not necessarily going to write anything the quality of Harry Potter or War and Peace in that space of time, and truth be told you’re not expected to as it’s all about quantity over quality, but even so you want to try and create something that makes some sense. If you go back to it after the initial challenge is over you want to be able to understand it enough to make changes to it – that’s if you’re serious enough about it.

As it is, I still haven’t thought of a basic idea for my novel yet. I know there’s probably plenty of people who don’t have anything in their head until the very first day of the challenge when they fire up their computers to start typing it for the first time, but I like to be prepared even if this is all essentially a bit of fun. I want to have at least one character and the beginnings of a plot before I start putting it down for real and as yet I have nothing. They say everyone has a novel inside them, but I don’t have a sentence, let alone a paragraph or chapter. But sod it. I am going to give it my best shot even if it turns out to be the biggest pile of wank I have ever written. Just writing enough to reach the word limit would be an achievement for me.

So this place might be even quieter now than it was before, and there might even be a bit of Twilence along the way. I’ll still be around somewhere, in some shape or form.

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