About A Bear

Here’s the story, I was in a well known card shop a few days ago when I got asked at the counter if I would like to buy a teddy bear. It was one of those promotions whereby if you spend a certain amount you can get the item for a special price. I said yes, as I thought that it would come in handy as a present for someone. I found out later on that my mum had the same idea for the same person a few weeks earlier, and had picked out the same bear that I did (there was a choice of two).
Obviously it would be pretty embarrassing if they were given the same present twice, so in the end, I decided that I might as well keep it for now. It is a nice teddy bear, very soft and has a nice face. And I did pay for it after all. The only thing he needs now is a name. I have been reluctant to give him one until now as I didn’t know what I was doing with him but now I’ve thought of keeping him I can’t decide what to call him. Any suggestions readers?

The teddy I got from a well known card shop

The teddy I got from a well known card shop

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