My week so far….

Has been a bit rubbish really. I won’t divulge all the details because I don’t like to write about my work life in here but let’s just say the two and a half week holiday I’m due to start in a couple of weeks cannot come soon enough in my opinion. I need the rest, part of me reckons I need a new job too but let’s not go there again.

I’m writing this because there has been a blog post that I’ve been really trying to write the last couple of weeks but the words haven’t been coming out as well as I wanted. It gets to the point that every now and again I end up putting any old rubbish in a post just to try and clear my head of those thoughts and focus on what I want to say. Doesn’t always work, but it helps to combat the bloggers’ block a little. 

Oh and I’ve changed my layout. 

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