On leave.

So I am currently on holiday at the moment. I’ve got two weeks off – well, two weeks and a day. I’m off now because like everyone, I need a break from work, but also I have to take them by the end of March otherwise I’ll lose them and there’s far too many left for me to just throw away.

Before you ask, I have no plans to go away anywhere, except for just the odd day trip here and there. I’ve not really done much the last few days, except chill out, try and get past the Radical Highway level on Sonic Generations and help my parents out with stuff. My dad hasn’t been well the last couple of days, so I’ve been looking after him while my mum’s been at work. To be honest, it’s just been nice just being at home, sitting around with nothing incredibly urgent and important to do. My only gripe is that my body still wants to wake me up at 7:20am. Even on annual leave I can’t get a proper lie-in, what the hell’s up with that?!

I also thought that while I was off, I might be able to do a bit more writing, maybe take some photos or even videos but I’ll have to wait and see with that one. In any case, I might be waffling on here a bit more often than normal. I apologise in advance if any of it is so obviously done of boredom.

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