Work and life

My time off is almost over. I go  back to work on Tuesday and I am not exactly looking forward to it. Of course, I and many others say it all the time, but I am even less excited than usual. The last few days that I’ve been off have been pretty hectic and it has got me thinking  again about certain things. The two weeks I’ve been off has a whole has made me realise just how much time I spend in my workplace and how much I need to be able to switch off from it as much as possible. I had the opportunity to forget about it while I’ve been on holiday, of course, but I think I need more time away from this job of mine.

I would like to change jobs, but I don’t think I’d be able to find one and get it so quickly, given this current climate. The other option is for me to reduce my hours, but every time I so much as hint at this certain people get on my back about it. They do have a point – my job isn’t the highest paid and going away from full time but mean less money.  But if a particular job wears you down that much, you’d be happy taking less hours if you weren’t able to pack said job in altogether? It’s all about striking a balance and holidays aside, I don’t feel like I get a good balance at any other time.

Ideally, I would love to be able to earn money through writing, however I don’t think my ramblings would earn a hell of a lot. Cutting my hours would mean that I could focus on this as well as have a bit more time to support my family. I guess the only way going part-time at work could really work for me is if I did earn something from stuff I’d written. Yet I would only have the time to really write anything that I could get money from if I went part-time at work.

And at this point, I am getting really really confused by it all. As I am sure you are, dear reader.

The main point is, that at some point I am probably going to have to make some sort of decision as to where my future lies. Do I carry on doing something that often tires me and drags me down, do it less so it doesn’t get me down or just throw in the towel completely? If the latter, then where can I go? I know there should be a few opportunities for someone with my qualifications and work experience, but what is available? I know I couldn’t sustain a decent income through writing alone, well  probably not for a long time.

I guess I could do with some career advice.

I bet I get a ton of spam comments on this post.

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