The Future

So when is the moment you really become a grown up? Is it when you graduate from university (if you go)? Is it when you get your first job? Is it when you pay your first bills and taxes? Is it when you get married and have kids (again, if you choose to)? Is it when you get your own house? Is it when you switch from Radio 1 to Radio 2? Or is it when you start having to think about pensions?

I’m thinking that the latter is way up there.

This morning I got a letter from my employers telling me that I would be automatically enrolled into their pension scheme at the beginning of next year. I already knew that it would be happening at some stage – I’d seen a lot on TV about the pension reforms and auto enrolment, and my company had been filling us all in about it too. Plus my parents had sort of been telling me about the importance of joining a scheme prior to any of this. It wasn’t that I ignored them, I just felt that I was still a little bit young and in the early years of employment to even think about retirement. Plus I didn’t have a clue before now what my employers offered, or how to join it.

Now that I know I am being offered one, I now understand that it is probably best to get on one as soon as you can. In fact I am considering joining the pension scheme before I get enrolled automatically, as they said that we could do this if we wanted. I’m not going to lie, all this stuff about pensions does make me feel old. But it’s never too early to start thinking about your future, so why wait until it hits you in the arse before you do anything about it?

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