It’s something that I am going to need a fair bit of this week. And probably some inspiration as well.

I am back at work tomorrow after two weeks’ holiday (which I wish I had a bit longer of, as is always the case when you’ve been on leave for whatever reason). But it’s not getting myself back into the long boring work routine that I need it for.

While I was on holiday, I decided to go and apply for another job. A job in an area that I have long wanted to get into. Something that I can only apply for online (oh how wonderful the 21st century is). And that I have just over a week at the time of writing to submit.

I had already made a sort of start to it, but then I ended up not focusing on it for a few days as I was out seeing friends, going places with my mum, sister and nephew and generally enjoying my time off. Now that I have a chance to go back to it, I am finding it hard to concentrate on it. So much that I am now writing a blog post about it.

The application process itself is quite straightforward, I read it all and understand what I need to do. I’ve even followed the company on twitter as they’ve been giving out advice to applicants on it. There’s just one bit of it that concerns me – the part where they give you questions and you have to write 300 word answers for them. This shouldn’t really pose too much of a problem for someone with a uni degree. It’s just that, I am a little out of practice with writing these sorts of things, where you show your ideas and demonstrate your knowledge of stuff. They sound like the sort of exercises I would have done as part of my degree or A Levels. 

The other thing I am concerned about is time. I work full-time and as soon as I get home from work I am not always in the mood to be doing a lot of stuff that requires me to engage my brain a lot. If I don’t feel like doing it one night, I’ll put it off until the following night, where I won’t do it again, and so on until I am panicking at the weekend trying to complete it (this is the sort of pattern that my disastrous attempt at NaNoWriMo followed minus the eventual panic).

And then, there are the potential distractions. Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, this…I am probably going to have to try hard to limit the amount of time I am on these for the next few days. Thus I am going to need some discipline too. I am not going to avoid these altogether, maybe just look at them inbetween working on it. Maybe write a post or two to try and clear my head of the stuff that’s irrelevant to my application.  Maybe these things will work, or they’ll just hamper my chances of getting it done.

Whatever, I’m going to give them as good as I have got.

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