So I managed to complete and submit the job application I was doing the other week. It was pretty tough going towards the end, what with me having to rewrite stuff in the hours up to the deadline but I managed it- even if I thought I was writing a load of crap.
Something must have worked though, as a few days later I got an email telling me I had got through to the second stage of the application. I was happy, until I found out that the next stage was completing an online verbal reasoning test.

Verbal Reasoning Tests (or VRTs), are these timed assessments where you read a section of text and answer multiple choice questions on it. I think it’s supposed to test how well you understand it and I guess it’s something employers rely on to see how well potential employees understand instructions and stuff. The last time I did anything like this was when I did the 11 plus many years ago, so I wasn’t holding out much hope of being good at it. In the end, I think I did ok, however the last three questions were absolutely awful. I do wish we had a little bit longer than 15 minutes to complete it though.
I don’t know yet if I have gone through to the next stage, however I guess it’s only a matter of time before I find out. I’m not building my hopes up, I know that there are plenty of other people out there who probably have a lot more experience than I do, but just to get as far as this is an achievement for me. Heck, to have actually submitted an application for something I’m interested in is an achievement alone! Whatever happens next, I feel good knowing that I have had a go and I feel ready to try and apply for others if any other opportunities come along.

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