Outdoor posting.

I am writing this, while sat outside in the garden, on a stool as I couldn’t find any of the deckchairs in our house.  It is a bit weird that we are actually getting some summer for once. Certainly, the neck of the woods I reside in is more known for being more than a bit rainy (however that is a myth readers, we don’t get that wet in Manchester really). Still, while I appreciate the sunshine, I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of this season – well not when we actually get weather that befits it. My main reason is that days like these normally result in me turning into a snotty, sneezy mess even when I have taken my antihistamines and my nasal spray. Is it just me or has anyone else’s hayfever symptoms worsened as they’ve got older? I thought I would have got over it by now. I suppose we could blame our crazy, always unpredictable, weather system.

(FYI I am alright as I am writing this. Rest assured I would be staying indoors if I was bad)

Yes it is nice that the sun’s out, but I think I am ready for some rain now.

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