So near, yet so far…

So a few months ago, I applied for a job in an area that I had always wanted to get into. The job application had several stages, and I was fortunate enough to get as far as the interview stage. I had my assessment and interview a few weeks ago, and the past few weeks I have been waiting to find out the outcome. And good grief, what a wait it has been –  you should have seen the amount of times I’ve checked my emails each day, nervously waiting for any news.

Today I finally got that email I’ve been waiting for and…well I wasn’t successful. But rather than feel disappointed, I felt proud of myself. Well, OK I can’t deny that I felt a tad gutted at having fallen at the final hurdle, but I was still pretty happy with how far I had come. When I applied for this, I thought I would be lucky to get past the first stage, seeing as there were thousands of applications, including a few from people who may have had more experience than I have.  To end up being shortlisted for an assessment was a big achievement to me. In fact the whole application process was probably the nicest I have ever experienced. The fact that I didn’t succeed yet still feel incredibly positive about it..well, that is good isn’t it?

It has definitely given me a huge confidence boost. Before I applied, I wondered if I still had a chance at getting something related to the degree I studied (and the career I always wanted), after nearly ten years of not finding much. Doing this showed me that I did. In fact, I have more chances than I thought I did.  I have gained so much from doing it that it has encouraged me to keep trying. I am going to keep looking for opportunities and have a go at applying for anything that grabs my attention.

Oh and I most definitely would not rule out applying for this again next year.

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