A little tech help here please, people

I haven’t been able to access my home wifi on any of my devices over the last few days. It had been going fine and then all of a sudden my iPhone and Nintendo 3DS stopped being able to detect it. I’ve since also found out that my netbook, which I often connect to via Ethernet cable, cannot detect the network either when I try to use wifi on it (I did flick the wifi switch on it just so you know). I hadn’t messed around with any settings prior to it happening.

I have tried pretty much everything I can think of. I have googled for loads of info on how to solve the problem. I reset the network settings on my iPhone, I reset my router a couple of times and changed the password, to no avail. One thing I do notice is that when I login to check the status of my modem router it says that wireless is disabled, even though I had made sure it was enabled when I entered the settings again. If it helps, I have a TP-Link TD-W8968 modem router.

I have also wondered whether the position of the router was affecting the wifi signal and causing it to drop, but it has been in the same place for ages. The previous ones I had were in the same place and I had no trouble with them – well not until they broke. I have even thought of updating the firmware but I have heard that doing that can be pretty risky. I am pretty good with technology but I am still a bit fearful of messing around with things too much in case I screw them up altogether.

I don’t really know what else I can try, so does anyone have any other suggestions? You will have my eternal gratitude if you have. Especially if it works.

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