Hello Blog

I feel like I have been neglecting you recently. I haven’t got bored of you, I just haven’t had anything to say on here that is particularly blogworthy. Well, I have had some ideas, but when it has come to putting them down I have found it hard to get all the words together. You know when you start writing something, get to about one paragraph and then just scrap it all? Yeah that.

Recently, I have been doing more writing in notebooks. Nothing really lengthy, just the odd little note about stuff. Most of it is predominantly moaning about the weather, my life and my painful and dodgy knee (some of my rants have been done in order to take my mind off the pain). I would share some of my scribblings with you, but I’ve decided to try and keep this here piece of the web for the nice, (generally) positive and random posts and keep any moany and personal stuff to a minimum. Because as much as this is my blog and I can say whatever I bloody well like on here, there are times when sharing every last thought you have isn’t always the best thing to do, not least when you upset yourself writing or reading it back. Plus I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea from anything I say. Not that I would say anything like that, but you know…

I’m waffling now. But yeah, I just came in to say I’m still here.

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