30 Blogs of November: Day 16 – Awkward moment.

So I did write something tonight. But I posted it on my Tumblr instead. DOH!

Basically, the post I made was referring to the fuss over Lily Allen’s new video (which I posted on here the other day) and the opinions of a certain section who are critical over it. They are entitled to their opinions, of course, however I do feel that they have misunderstood it somewhat. Not going to go into it any further because I’m too tired to go into full rant mode and my brain hurts. I will however, direct you to this brilliant post by Jameela Jamil on the whole thing.

On another note, just had this random thought: If NaNoWrimo participants are referred to as Wrimos, does that make us NaBloPoMo participants Pomos?

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