30 Blogs of November: Day 24 – A Note to Self.

Once again, I found myself stuck for another idea for a blog post. This has been a pretty regular thing during this challenge. Some days I had thought of giving it  a miss for a day and catch up the next.  I vowed that I would carry on throughout the month, I would not even think about giving up. 

Today, I nearly did give up. I thought that I had managed to do pretty well getting up to this point. I didn’t want to fill my last few blog posts with moaning about how I couldn’t come up with anything. I wanted to write something decent.

Then something hit me that made me feel like writing this:


Posting blogs in which you bang on about having nothing to write about is still writing something. Yes it probably isn’t writing anything interesting, but you’re still posting something. And isn’t that the whole point of a challenge like this?

Think of when you did NaNoWrimo. Yes you didn’t last long with it and your novel was mostly disjointed and sketchy but you still had a go. Besides, does anyone write a perfect novel in thirty days? I doubt it. Is every blog post written during the month of November a masterpiece? Absolutely not. Your blog as a whole is made up of posts of varying quality, from thought out pieces to spur of the moment rants and rambles. What you think is a poor post is probably good to somebody. Hell, you’ll probably read this back thinking it is boring, and you might even consider deleting it.  But you should still feel good that you spent another day writing something. And you know what? nobody gives a monkey’s what you write about anyway.  So long as it looks like you enjoy writing it. So bloody well enjoy it!

Hang on, there’s not too long to go now…


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