30 Blogs of November: Day 30 – The End(?)

So here we are, at day 30 of the blog posting challenge. Yep, we got here.

Sorry, what I mean to say is “OH MY GOD I FRICKING DID IT! I WROTE 30 BLOGS IN 30 DAYS.  HECK YES!!”


So what, if anything, have I learned during the last month? Well, I’ve learned that when I put my mind to it, I can do challenges like this – and more importantly finish them.  I’ve also learned that writer’s block sucks (actually I knew it before), BUT getting worked up about not having anything to write about doesn’t really get you out of it.  Sometimes it’s better to just write a load of nonsense and see where it goes. A few of the blogs I posted have come out like this.  And I’ve learned that this challenge was far easier for me than NaNoWrimo ever was (not knocking NaNoWrimo, it just turned out not to suit me).

There is more I could put here, but a lot of it I foolishly stuck in my last post.

Anyway, it has been fun. Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented and/or followed this blog and read my stuff during November. I feel like I have got to know a few more awesome bloggers since I started doing this, or at the very least, their blogs, which is definitely a good thing.  And to all of you who have been doing the NaBloPoMo challenge and have done so right up to the end, give yourself a large pat on the back and an even larger chocolate bar. Unless you’re on a diet, in which case just get a smaller chocolate bar. Hey you bloody deserve it.

Ok, that’s over, now what do we do?

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