Things to do in 2014

1.  Get a new job

2. Move out

3. Learn to drive

4. Write more blogs

5. Make more videos

6. Make a start on that script that I keep wanting to write

7. Go on a very long holiday

8. Refuse to take any crap from certain individuals

9. Maintain a positive mental attitude

10. Learn a musical instrument

It is highly likely that only one or none of these things will be achieved during the course of the year.


2 thoughts on “Things to do in 2014

  1. LOL! Exactly why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions — they don’t get done. But at least, we can put them somewhere on our “bucket list”. 😀

    • My New Year’s resolution is usually “not to make any new year’s resolutions” lol. It is nice to have goals though, and they are sort of achievable. 🙂

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