CVs, Novels and general writing

Those are what I have been trying to do over the last few days.

I signed up to one of those websites where you can build your CV online for free. I’ve got as far as writing my name, address and where I went to school, college and uni.

I bought this workbook that helps you plan and write out a novel. It is really informative and generally helpful, but I am a bit scared of writing anything in it, as it is far too nice to have any of my scribblings written in it.  I just don’t want to wreck it, okay? Even though it is intended to be wrecked, I suppose.

I really want to make a go of things with both, but I can’t seem to get in the right mindset for either. Sure I am a bit more up for the former, given that I am now more determined than ever to change jobs, but I just can’t seem to get on with it.

Can someone please give me a kick up the arse? Or the online equivalent at least?


3 thoughts on “CVs, Novels and general writing

  1. Keep going – DON’T get to my age and wish you hadn’t given up. Perseverance is everything and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it.

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