Recently I bought a new camera. I felt that after months of relying on my iPhone to document all the major moments in my life (and all the not so major ones), it was time to get  to grips with a proper camera again.  After much looking around  shops, reading all the mags available and despairing at the cost of all the decent ones, I finally tried eBay and got a good deal on a refurbished Fujifilm Finepix bridge camera.

As with any new gadget I get my hands on capable of photography,  I end up trying it out and thus breaking it in by taking photographs of everything that I see, no matter how random and unexciting a subject for a photo it might be. Here are just a few examples.

finepixphotos 028
Yes I took a picture of a bowl of pot pourri. It looks nice though.
finepixphotos 027
I was mainly trying to get the plants.
finepixphotos 035
I don’t know why I took a photo of the kitchen tiles. Maybe it would be good as a background photo, you know like for your  Twitter page or something idk. HEY I WAS JUST TESTING MY CAMERA!
finepixphotos 031
More plants. Again nice colours.
finepixphotos 036
I tried to edit out the fact that this egg was perched on top of a loo roll.
finepixphotos 038
A nicely wrapped cup and saucer.
My nephew got me this trinket box
My nephew got me this trinket box

I do have some better photos, these are just all for practice. Just be glad I didn’t try to take any selfies with it.

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