You ain’t seen me, right?

I’m hiding out on here for a bit. 

I’m having another one of those times when I am just fed up of Facebook and Twitter, the urge to tell the world what I’m doing or thinking and seeing what everybody else is. I haven’t posted on Twitter for nearly 24 hours now. I didn’t even tweet once during the X Factor which, unless I am out somewhere is something that I never do. Some might consider that a relief to be quite honest. I have to admit, it did feel quite good to actually watch the programme without tapping my feelings about each person auditioning and what I think of the judges. Incidentally, Mel B is not as bad as I thought she’d be, Cheryl is OK at the moment, Simon hasn’t got on my nerves yet and Louis is, well, Louis. 

I suppose I will return to twitter in the next day or so, but for now I am taking a break from filling in the little “what’s happening?” box. I will probably check my timeline now and again but I am trying to avoid doing so. I’ve even turned off all notifications in my twitter app so I limit the chances of checking it as well as try to make the battery and data allowance on my iPhone last a bit longer. It’s for the people who follow me’s benefit as well as my own. I feel like all I have done is rant and moan recently and there’s been a few times recently where I wish I hadn’t logged into Twitter or FB. Last night was one of them. I don’t wish to worry anyone (not that they should really be worried about me anyway), but I think after last night I need a bit of time to myself, to sort things out. I’ve let too much get on top of me. Maybe it’s the right time to just back off a little bit.



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