NaBloPoMo Day 15 – Half way report

I’m at the half way mark of NaBloPoMo and to be honest, I am amazed I am still going at it. Even more so than I was at this point last year. Last year I thought it was a bit difficult trying to find things to post but not actually to post, if you know what I mean. This year it’s been more so, so far. Looking at the stuff I have posted so far, I’d say there were one or two decent posts, and a bit of stuff which I shouldn’t have posted but where I would have deleted or edited them if I wasn’t doing a challenge I feel I should keep them up untouched.

I also think that I could time the posting of some of my blogs better. I know I often post in the evening because I am at work during the week, but when I am not (and not doing anything else) I should try to avoid writing late. I am tired enough when I get home as it is. Is it worth making myself more knackered? Probably not. I could engage with posting from my phone a bit more, but I sometimes find it a bit fiddly to do. I couldn’t do loads of text that’s for sure. Guess I’d reserve that for shorter posts or photos.

Or maybe, just maybe, I could try to enjoy the experience a bit more. I haven’t exactly shown that I have been much since I started this. I should stop beating myself up about not having anything to post and struggling to post in time. I don’t suppose it would be totally against the grain to miss a day providing that you make it up later – say two posts in a day later on. So long as you ended up with 30.

Now I’m just emptying my brain of thoughts on this whole thing. Better to put them down than to keep them locked inside it, where they mutate into worry, fear and general negativity.

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