NaBloPoMo Day 17: Little bits of stuff

I have finally got round to watching the rest of Doctor Who, over a week after the latest series ended. I intend to watch all the episodes I’ve recorded in order, starting with The Caretaker (yes I am that far behind). I’m aiming for an episode a day. I suppose I could get them all done in a week. Or maybe two, depending on when I get the opportunity to watch the rest of them. Yes I am aware of some of the major plot developments towards the end of the series (including THAT one which I sort of suspected anyway), but I still need to get them done with.

In other news, I am once again feeling like I could really do with a whole day of sleep. Make that a month. Or a few months Why is it not in our nature to hibernate? I’m getting a bit fed up of being more tired when I get up than when I go to bed. And being incredibly tired when I go to bed only to end up not getting to sleep until a few hours after I go.

I wouldn’t mind being so tired if it didn’t put me in a bad mood and/or make me feel like I’ve lost a load of brain cells and can’t focus or function properly. This is where I could do with a bit more support. Or a clone. Fat chance of either of those happening,

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