NaBloPoMo Day 29: Almost there

We are at day 29 of the NaBloPoMo adventure. Blimey, November has gone quick. It only seems like the other day that I posted the first blog of this thing. It also seems like only the other day that I promised myself I would try and switch things up a bit postings – wise. These haven’t always necessarily gone to plan but I have tried to get a few photos on these things. Just be thankful that you haven’t had to hear me talk in any videos, which could very nearly have happened.

So yeah, what was I going to write about on today’s post? I don’t know really. I hadn’t really thought up anything as I have been helping out at my nephew’s birthday party today. He had an XBox party – no really. There’s a bus that you can book for parties that is kitted out with Xboxes. My nephew and his friends absolutely loved it. You could hear them from inside the house as they were enjoying playing Minecraft. Some of my sister’s neighbours came round to have a look at the bus and seeing all these excited kids. You know what, I’d have liked to have had a go in there myself, but I would probably be rubbish. The first time my nephew showed me how to play Minecraft, I was a bit crap. I couldn’t get used to the controls (it was on a PS3).

I should also show you the awesome party boxes that my sister had got for my nephew and his friends.


I quite liked helping put these together.

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