NaBloPoMo Day 30: Done.

So I did it again. I completed thirty blog posts in thirty days for the second year running.

How do I feel? About the same as I did last time. There’s a feeling of accomplishment, as well as a feeling of relief that I don’t have to write another one tomorrow, unless of course I wanted to. I don’t know if I enjoyed it this time as much as I did last year though, if I am really honest. There were moments when I nearly decided to miss a day or two, in the thought or hope, that I could always catch up later. There were times when I was tearing my hair out trying to think of an idea worth posting, and moments when I had to rewrite as I had somehow lost what I was writing. That was a pain in the arse, I can tell you. Come the end of the challenge, I just decided to eff it and post whatever comes into my head, no matter how rubbish. You’re still putting something up, after all.

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts, liked and/or commented on them over the last month. Through doing so, I have discovered many other awesome blogs on here, written by equally awesome people, which I’m going to read more often now that the challenge is over. Of course I’ll still be putting stuff on here, I’ll just try not to wait until so late in the evening to post, when I’m tired and a bit crappy. And well done to everyone who took on the challenge too. WE DID IT GUYS!

Right, I’m going to celebrate the end of my NaBloPoMo experience with a cup of tea and a KitKat because that’s how I roll.

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