This year.

Four days into 2015 and it still doesn’t feel like a new year has begun. But then again, I’ve always found the whole New Year thing a bit of an anticlimax. Even as a kid, I would rather have gone to bed than stay up until midnight – the only time that my parents ever said I could. Now, as someone who often has to work on New Year’s Eve, I find myself coming home from a day’s graft wanting to sleep rather than celebrate and watch Hootenanny, although I nearly always end up staying up in the end, waking up ten times more tired than I was the night before.

I spent Thursday evening at my sister’s, the first time in pretty much forever, that I have done New Year’s Eve anywhere other than my own home. As the fireworks started in London (Manchester’s were four minutes late because of a Metrolink tram coming into Piccadilly Gardens delaying the start of them), I started thinking about what New Year’s Resolutions to go with. More often than not it’s “to not make any New Year’s Resolutions at all because you can never, ever stick with them”, but then that one ends up being broken within a day or so of January beginning. So after much thinking, I came up with things that I wanted to try and do within the year. Nb some of them are the same things I said I would do last year:

1. Get another job

Said that last year. Made an effort to apply for one and didn’t get an interview. Here’s hoping that I’ll get further with the next job I apply for.

2. Learn to drive

Again, I said it last year (and the year before, and the year before that…notice a pattern here?) but I really am going to try and do it this year (fuck, I said that last year as well).

3. Write more.

This includes making a start on that project I’ve been meaning to work on for ages. Or one of them anyway.

4. Finish the online photography course I’ve been doing but haven’t touched for months because of life.

Thank goodness there isn’t a deadline on it.

5. Go on a long holiday – or a few short ones.

That weekend away in Llandudno did me good last year. I should have stayed longer.

6. To give less of a crap than I did last year.

And the year before, and the year before that…

7. To master the ukulele or at least get a tune out of it.

I bought a cheap one from The Works (yeah I know) about six months ago. I guess I got what I paid for but I am again determined to get something out of it, even if it means getting it restrung or something. Ukulele For Dummies looks a far better book than the one that came packaged with it, so I’ll be giving it a bash.

8. To feel like less of a doormat.

This is more of a hope than a resolution, but I’m hoping that by feeling less like one I’ll have more confidence in not standing for people who mess me about, especially in worklife.

I’m sure there’s one  or two more, but those are the main ones. Let’s see how well it goes this time.

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