Ever have those days when you think everyone and everything is out to make things extremely difficult for you? I feel like I’m having those kind of days once too often. And I’m fed up of it. Along with all the feelings of being one of the only two people who is holding up their workplace.Soon to be the only one. Until the people on maternity leave come back at least.

I must have done something bad in a past life to end up being that person. Or just be that person who has shown themselves to be just so damn reliable that everyone else thinks “oh leave it to Lynsey, she’ll do it.” It’s nice to think that people think so highly of you that they let you take on so much responsibility, until you realise that they would rather let you do it because they don’t know how to do certain things, have no intention of learning how and generally just can’t be bothered. A team with few team players. I might have been working there longer than anyone else, but I do deserve a break every now and again.

Add to that over-zealous people messing us about and well, yeah I am getting extremely tired of it all.

I did some job searching earlier. They either didn’t appeal or  appealed but wanted applicants to have things that I didn’t have. If only I were old enough to retire, I’d just give up now. I’ve still got many more years of this shit to do. I’m scared that it’s going to be in the same place.

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