Seven Years.

Apparently that’s how long I have been on WordPress. Seven years I have been posting stuff on here. Seven years of random ramblings and rants.

This isn’t the only blog I’ve had. The first blog I started was with a rival site (the one that rhymes with “slogger”). I kept that going for about two years, then let it go when I started to run out of things to write about and just posted the results of quizzes that I did online that were along the lines of “what should your porn star name be?” “which Muppet are you most like?” It’s probably still languishing in cyberspace somewhere, but I can’t remember for the life of me the address.

In between this one I have started others, the one other main one being my Tumblr, but this is the one that I keep coming back to the most. It’s documented my deepest, darkest and most random thoughts and the various notable minutes of my life. I’ve gone from a confused 27 year old to an even more confused 34 year old in this time. It took about three goes to get it right (my archive doesn’t feature anything from 2008 now as I deleted them all when I restarted the blog), but I’m happy with it now.

Here’s to another seven years of saying stuff on here.

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