30 Blogs of November: Day 5

It’s the 5th of November, and there are a lot of fireworks going off around here. I don’t tend to do the Bonfire night thing these days, I just look out of the window at the ones others are letting off and get scared witless whenever someone lets off a banger.

I like fireworks when they are miles away from me, but I would never go and light any myself. I’ve never particularly liked sparklers either. I’ve had a fear of holding one ever since I saw that public information film where a little girl burns her hand after picking up a burnt out sparkler that had just been dropped onto the ground. The last time I held one I wanted to drop it immediately. Instead I nervously hung on to it, feeling the heat from it edging ever closer to my hand, then dropped it. Never doing that again.

This is the advert that did it, by the way. Gave me nightmares in the same way that so many British pifs did to millions of a certain age.


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