30 Blogs of November: Day 13

13th day already? The month is going quickly. And as each day passes, there is more of an urge to write something interesting. Not that I don’t have anything interesting, there’s lots of things that I’ve read about recently and that I have some sort of opinion on but when I come to write about it, I can’t find the words. Basically, I’d suck at being one of those rent a gob opinion columnists, but then Katie Hopkins is the last person I’d ever want to be. Who would want to be someone so full of hate and desperate for attention that they would say anything to get it?

Speaking of Hopkins, I still can’t get over the fact that she’s only 42. She’s the same age as my sister and yet she looks at least ten years older than my sister. I was having a conversation recently with someone I follow on twitter and we noted how all these right wing hate peddlers look a lot older than they really are. Tommy Robinson and the bloke from Britain First are younger than me, I thought they were both in their forties. Nigel Farage was 16 in 1980, yet he looks like he could have been 36 then. It just goes to show, being a horrible person ages you as all that hatred seeps into your soul.

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