30 Blogs of November Day 25

Been feeling in a ranty mood today. Everything that I could have put on here I ended up putting on Twitter instead.

Like my frustration at Amazon making the earliest delivery day for Prime items at the moment Tuesday. What’s happened to Sunday deliveries? Or Monday ones? What’s the point of having a Prime membership if “Next Day Delivery” isn’t actually next day?

Then there’s hearing about the so called “fitness blogger” who spouted her ill informed opinion that diseases like cancer are “the body trying to save you”. What the hell is up with these young girls who don’t have a medical or science qualification between them, who suddenly think they’re health experts? The ones who tout all that “clean living”, “plant based” BS who often pose for photos wearing a crop top exposing their (too) flat tummy and holding a beaker of what looks like a rather toxic green pile of sick that they’re about to drink.

And let’s not mention Rak-Su ruining Sweet Female Attitude on X Factor.

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